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the sky is a suitcase

The Sky is a Suitcase is dedicated to improvisation. Their songs are personal – about dreams, places, people and memories.These memories manifest their mood in the melodies and rhythms the group uses to express themselves in the moment. The Sky is a Suitcase imbues in their music the fullness of their collective humanity as a band and the intricacies of their relationships.

Mike Gebhart - drums

Carmen Rothwell - bass

Ray Larsen - trumpet

Levi Gillis - saxophone


"In their self-titled release, The Sky Is A Suitcase showcases a style that brings back rebellion to jazz - it surprises, excites, and inspires... These songs are personal, and there is a palpable sense of reflection coming from each member in every arrangement on the album. Each track mimics a story, fading in and out of emotions, and there is an intense solidarity within these players. Once you've entered this aural dream state, you'll never want to leave."

-Earshot Jazz