In the Summer of 2013 I had the opportunity to travel to Iceland and the Faroe Islands with the Comparative History of Ideas Program at the University of Washington. While sorting through dense academic material and trying to navigate new and deeply vulnerable relationships, I found myself in an incredible array of strange and wonderful playing situations. Most notably, I played a concert in a sea cave the size of an airplane hanger with my friend Abi and two local musicians, Kristian Blak and Hedin Ziska Davidsen.

The dorm where we lodged had an amazing wood-paneled gymnasium in one wing and I was drawn to space for is warm reverberance. These recordings are the excerpts of conversations I had with that gymnasium. They reflect the people and spaces with whom I interacted on the trip.

This music is dedicated to Kristian and Hedin for making my time in the Faroe Islands so musically meaningful and for being so open and accepting as musicians and people, and to every person in my travel group who proved constantly inspiring, kind, strong, and generous.