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Hunter Gather debut album

getting to know you - 

out now on table & Chairs Records

photo: Seth Gillis

photo: Seth Gillis


Levi Gillis is a Seattle-based saxophonist/composer/improviser/producer and curator. Born in the San Francisco Bay-area, he relocated to Seattle in 2009 to study music at the UW. Levi is deeply engaged in the presentation and curation of a wide range of music rooted in Jazz and Americana. His main focus is connecting with the emotional immediacy of American music - the humanity and complexity of the Jazz lineage, the freedom of the avant-garde and the intimacy of American Folk traditions.

Levi has toured nationally with his own groups Hunter Gather, The Sky Is A Suitcase and The Dip, and led masterclasses at Arizona State University Jazz Program. Levi has studied and performed with Dave Douglas, Cuong Vu, Ted Poor, Eric Revis, Ralph Alessi, Tim Berne and Wayne Horvitz among others. As a producer, Levi is closely associated with the Seattle-based record label, Table & Chairs and is currently the curator of their monthly showcase at Vermillion Art Gallery and Bar committed to giving a voice to creative sound artists from diverse backgrounds.



Hunter Gather


The Sky Is A Suitcase


Sequoia Ensemble


The Dip




A modular, postmodern approach that echoes Ornette Coleman’s...These are inquisitive musicians who don’t hew to preconceptions of what jazz should sound like.
— Andrew Gospe, The Stranger
[Hunter Gather doesn’t] perform these tunes so much as exhale them.
— Dave Sumner, Bird Is The Worm
[Hunter Gather’s] collaborative contribution approach produces a focused intensity. Each song has the dreamy quality of hearing a strange fairy tale for the first time... [a] fascinating, fresh album.
— Abe Beeson, KNKX
Getting to Know You is a collection of absorbing chansons and wind-charm fascinations, evoking the verse-chorus storytelling of the best singer-songwriters...Like a trip on Seattle’s clamoring roadways, Getting to Know You takes the listener on a journey filled with heavy traffic, hard-won successes, and unexpected vistas of natural beauty.
— Ian Gwin, Earshot Jazz
Gillis and his band Hunter Gather summon soulful, ear-worming melodies, made richer and more dynamic as each individual player shares with the rest of the group.
— Alexa Peters, CityArts Magazine
The second song, ‘Sing’ showed what Hunter Gather was capable of, filling the room with atmospheric sound. The impressive set certainly left the crowd wanting more.
— Harry Varley, Discorder Magazine

For The Sky Is A Suitcase:

In their self-titled release, The Sky Is A Suitcase showcases a style that brings back rebellion to jazz - it surprises, excites, and inspires... These songs are personal, and there is a palpable sense of reflection coming from each member in every arrangement on the album. Each track mimics a story, fading in and out of emotions, and there is an intense solidarity within these players. Once you’ve entered this aural dream state, you’ll never want to leave.
— Earshot Jazz

For Sequoia Ensemble:

There’s very little conventional structure to this music. There’s no relying on a return to a previously traveled spot and the shape of a song may not become apparent even after it’s reached its conclusion. The obligation of an ensemble who takes this approach is to make every moment interesting, which Sequoia Ensemble does with a remarkable consistency...Plenty of intrigue and amazement to be found here, an equation that results in an abundance of fun.
— Dave Sumner, Bird Is The Worm
The writing is ambitious and the lines between improvisation and composition are delectably blurred... It’s a testament to Gillis that the disparate directions on Sequoia do indeed hold together as an album, albeit a challengingly varied one, thanks to the assured arrangements and the sensitive and dynamic ensemble work. Highly recommended.
— Andrew Luthringer, Earshot Jazz